Chance Good Ent. Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983. The company started as a manufacturer of timer switches but evolved to develop consumer safety lighting due to an increasing need for nighttime safety and visibility. In 1992, Chance Good manufactured its first flashing LED rear taillight. Since then, Chance Good has been designing and developing the highest quality headlights, front lights, taillights and related accessories for cyclists around the world.


As our name subtly suggests, our goal is the delight customers and to bring smiles to their faces when using our products. D.Light products are deisgned to appeal to a broad range of users not limited just to cycling. Campers, hikers, adventurers and general outdoor aficionados alike will undoubtedly appreciate and enjoy D.Light products.


D.Light products are intelligently designed with the customer in mind which makes them a smart choice. Our in-house process control and quality ensures they are a confident choice and our highly vertically integrated manufacturing operation ensures they are an economical choice.


D.Light has come a long way since it produced its first diode rear light in 1992. Our R&D and Quality Control teams have been testing and examining every single edge and aspect of every part from the form factor and optics to light source and power consumption. We have integrated safety and reliability into the design based on rigorous testing and examination resulting total product quality.


We have registered for ISO 9001 Quality Management as well as ISO 14001 Environmental Management in an effort to care for the Earth as much as we care for our products. We also place a high value on employee wellness and participate in BSCI to make sure all personnel have a safe, clean and fair workplace.